Bachelor of Science in
Digital Audio Technology

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Hey, audio enthusiasts and future music maestros! Ready to rise above the noise floor and dive into the mind-bending world of sound?


Look no further than our Bachelor of Science in Digital Audio Technology. From composing killer tracks to recording and digital sound design, we’ve got everything you need to rock the music and audio production game.

Join the Audio & Music Production concentration within our BS in Digital Audio Technology program. Delve into sound intricacies – recording, mixing, mastering – and embrace the fun side. Collaborate, jam, and spark creativity within our vibrant music community. Rise above the noise, hone your production skills, and amplify your impact in sound.

Digital Audio Technology Highlights & Outcomes

Articulate and apply key audio, musical, and sound design principles and practices.

Employ diverse aesthetic principles to produce engaging content for audio or multimedia projects.

Execute individual audio works from concept to delivery according to the industry standards.

Work collaboratively in group projects and demonstrate professionalism and ethical conduct in a development team.

Demonstrate technical skill and efficiency in a range of audio production techniques relevant to a successful career in audio industry.

Demonstrate creativity and curiosity through research, analysis and synthesis of information from various sources.

Join Our Alumni Hall of Fame

USV Digital Audio Technology degree alumni have gone on to work at some of the most prestigious music, film and video game recording studios in their respective industries. 

Digital Audio Technology Student Work

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Digital Audio Technology Career Opportunities

Your Experience Just Got Real
  • Audio Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Sound Editor
  • Studio Technician
  • ADR Editor
  • ADR Recordist
  • ADR Director
  • Post Production Engineer
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Film Sound Engineer
  • Music Supervisor
  • Dialog Editor
  • Music Editor
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Designer for Video Games
  • Audio Implementation Engineer
  • Video Game Music Composer
  • Interactive Sound Designer
  • Audio Software Test Engineer
  • Audio Software Engineer
  • Embedded Media Software Engineer
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Engineer
  • Audio and Signal Processing Engineer
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MediaWorks is a collaboration between audio and animation students on short commercial projects for clients in Silicon Valley—and beyond. Students graduate with a portfolio filled with real work, and can begin their career search armed with project-based experience. 

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