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Welcome to Silicon Valley, California. There’s no better way of getting to know University of Silicon Valley than a visit to our campus. 

While you’re here you’ll be able to get a feel for the culture, meet students & faculty and explore your possible place in this dynamic community. One of the first things you’ll notice is that our campus feels like a large production studio, everything housed in one facility. Keeping our programs under one roof supports our climate of collaboration and provides a better studio simulation and overall learning experience.

The Heart of Silicon Valley

After you’ve experienced USV, you may want to explore other sites from the most influential place on the planet. Spreading out from San Francisco, through San Jose and beyond, Silicon Valley has something for everyone.

This is the home to many startup and global technology companies like Apple, Facebook and Google. We are surrounded by technology-focused institutions like the Computer History Museum and NASA’s Ames Research Center—which is just down the road from campus. Whether you hike through the nearby Redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains or visit the Tech Museum of Innovation here in San Jose, our vibrant community will have you buzzing as soon as you arrive. 

Explore Tech Mecca

Feel like geeking out on some tech tourism? We have a few recommendations: