Press Start on Your Future

Ready Player One? Leveling Up Your Future Has Never Been So Simple!

Whether you’re an incoming freshman looking for your first college, considering transferring to USV, or planning your USV adventure from abroad, we’ve got the details for you to begin your quest. 

Joining USV’s epic squad is as easy as respawning in your favorite game. Admissions made easy–nerds unite and press start to your future! Follow the path below to entering the game and in just 2 weeks, you’ll be on your way. 

Programs at USV

What do you want to learn?

Your studies at USV will join you to a diverse student community under the direct mentorship of industry faculty. Our programs are designed to push your creativity further than you think possible. 

The Application Process

How do you become a dragon?

Calling all noobs, transfer heroes, and international travelers: Applying to USV is a breeze, no cheat codes required! 

Explore more details regarding the application process for your particular situation in the links below. Find out what documents you need, where to find them, and how we can help. Parents, got questions? Find your answers over here

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Need coins for your epic quest?

Talk to one of our financial aid pros and see what your options are after you apply. Until then, see what other options are available to you in the links below. 

Tuition & Fees

Your quest shouldn't put your coins at risk: USV's Tuition Lock is your shield

Your education is an important investment. Our new Tuition Lock makes your financial plan more predictable and affordable.