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Embark on Your Freshman Adventure at USV!

Level 1 Freshman Mode: Engage!

Getting started as a freshman at USV is as easy as respawning at your favorite checkpoint–just hit “Start,” gear up, and prepare for an epic adventure in the realm of higher education! No samples of work or letters of recommendation required. 

Creative Industry Programs

Choose Your Skill Tree

Enter our industry-driven dojo and study your chosen path to becoming the next champion:

  • Are you a storyteller, driven to craft your own unique worlds and characters and bring them to life? Perhaps the way of Digital Art & Animation is for you.
  • Do you seek to challenge yourself and others with action, puzzles, combat, and more? Delve into our Game Design & Development dungeon, and see if these dragons are worth slaying.
  • Maybe you march to the beat of your own drum, but would like others to hear that unique soundtrack? Then check out the latest hits from our Audio & Music Technology department.
  • What if you’re driven by logic and the desire to give form a function? Dive into Computer Science and see if you can crack the code. 
  • No party is complete without a team leader. How good are you at herding cats or getting data-driven results? The programs in our Business Entrepreneurship & Innovation department are pretty C-suite.