5 Ways to Turn Rejection Into Opportunity

Brett Berhoff is an entrepreneur and influencer. He is sought after by corporations and individuals for his innovative thought leadership and strategic expertise. After a recent visit, he commented, “USV is a fascinating place.  I was impressed by the variety of creative outlets available to students coupled with their ability to cross over to other disciplines.” The following article was originally published by the Huffington Post. All images are courtesy of huffingtonpost.com. Brett can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brettberhoff. 

It’s safe to say that most people aren’t into rejection. Could we also assume that it is on the top ten list of many peoples fears? GOOD NEWS ALERT! Rejection doesn’t have to be feared, we can transform it into opportunity.

How do you Transform Rejection into Opportunity?

Know that Rejection will work itself out

Going into a situation with a positive attitude sets the baseline for an opportunity. If there is a solid foundation of optimism for the present and the future, it is hard for rejection to enter your positive force field. Remember, if you keep a positive outlook on the future, the negativity of rejection will turn into your future opportunity. Keep reading if you want to make sense out of this.

Thank you for the Energy Boost

When we are rejected, our Fight or Flight response is sometimes tested. Once this takes place, it opens the floodgates for energy and emotion. Unfortunately, the energy attached to rejection is naturally negative. Utilize the energy provided to you by rejection, and recycle it into positive energy. Start thinking about what you’re going to do next with this new found energy boost. Don’t forget, there are always opportunities waiting for you.

Rejection is Free Education

Most people don’t think of rejection as free education, but many times it is. Take a moment to realize that you are learning from this experience. Was the rejection spot on? If so, what can you do to fix the truth of the rejection? If you felt the rejection was wrong, take a minute to figure out how to present yourself to the next opportunity in a successful manner. This is a learning experience that can help you tremendously.


Not Every Stone Has Something Underneath It

Awareness is one of the most important parts of transforming rejection into opportunity. Recognize that every stone does not have something underneath. Don’t take the rejection so seriously, it is part of the game. Clear your mind, learn, and move on.


Sometimes Rejection does you a Favor

Realize that many times rejection isn’t what it seems on the surface. Let’s take a job interview as an example. You are rejected from a position. You take the optimistic approach and attempt to turn this rejection into an opportunity. Inquire about other positions that may be a better fit. Sometimes rejection carves a path of opportunity we never knew existed.

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