What are the 7 Reasons to Attend the University of Silicon Valley?

At the University of Silicon Valley, we are dedicated to the success of our students. As a student, we are preparing you for a career in the creative-technology industries, with real world experience inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley. Since we are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are uniquely positioned to train you for a career in technology, animation, audio, and video games. At the University of Silicon Valley, we have been training students like you since 1887.

Reason #1: Wide Variety of Creative Technology Programs

At the University of Silicon Valley, we focus on the creative-technology industries that are thriving in Silicon Valley. Many of our programs are offered both on-campus and online to give you flexibility. Whether you want to get a degree in game engineering, business entrepreneurship and innovation, computer science and engineering, audio and music technology or digital art and animation, the University of Silicon Valley is prepared to help you find a career that matches your talents and passion.

Game Engineering

During our Game Engineering degree program, we offer you both the creative and technical knowledge and skills that will help propel you into the video game industry. The Bachelor of Arts in Game Design Art will focus on the creative side of game development, while the Bachelor of Science in Game Design Engineering focuses on the technical development of games. As a student of the game engineering program, you will get hands-on experience in game creation, team dynamics and the game creation pipeline. Whether you want to work with an AAA franchise video game creator or a boutique game developer, the Game Engineering degree program will allow you to level up to a new career.

Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The University of Silicon Valley offers a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The business administration program introduces you to artists, hackers, engineers, gamers, entrepreneurs, and designers to help you integrate into any culture, giving you the confidence to forge your own path. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation program teaches you theories in ideation, marketing and operations while working on actual projects to prepare you for the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley organizations and start-ups.

Whether you are looking to work at Apple, Facebook, Google or one of the other industry titans located in Silicon Valley or one of the many start-ups, the University of Silicon Valley gives you the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to transition into the thriving eco-system of Silicon Valley. Join the many business innovators and entrepreneurs carving out their path to success.

Computer Science and Engineering

Are you looking for more than a video on YouTube or free tool that can teach you the ins and outs of computer science, engineering, and programming? The University of Silicon Valley provides you with hands-on application, mentorship and the resources you need to launch your ideas into fruition. We offer two degrees, one in Software Development and the other in Computer Science. At the University of Silicon Valley, we also offer a certificate in cloud computing, an essential tool that every Silicon Valley organization is embracing and the future of networking infrastructure. So, if you are looking to enter the Silicon Valley workforce, we have placed graduates at some of the top companies including Apple, Invidia, Electronic Arts, Google, and Intel. With so many options, you can find a role and a company to fit your career aspirations.

Audio and Music Technology

The University of Silicon Valley allows audiophiles to master their audio and musical craft. As a student, you will use industry equipment and work in professional music studios to create music, video games, films, and other media projects. Throughout the audio and music technology program, you will create a professional portfolio and participate in externships that will prepare you to take the music industry by storm, connecting you to the movers and shakers that make careers every day.

Digital Art and Animation

Do you have a passion for digital arts and animation? The University of Silicon Valley introduces you to the full animation and VFX pipeline to create vivid characters, worlds and creatures using industry standard tools and professional equipment updated as fast as technology evolves. We offer a B.A. Degree in Digital Art and Animation with concentrations in 3D modeling, 3D animation, entertainment design and technical art. Choose the concentration that fits your passion and start creating AAA franchise video games or a short, animated film that may win an award at a film festival. The sky’s the limit.

Reason #2: Industry Experienced Professors

At the University of Silicon Valley, we hire only industry experienced professors that have been in your shoes, started a new job in the creative technology industry and worked their way up the ladder. Our professors know who you are, care about your success and are ready to collaborate with you to create a custom education catered to your individual strengths

Our professors are not only teachers but mentors that will guide you through the process, prepare you for a job in the creative-technology industry and set you up for success. The University of Silicon Valley family of professors also have strong ties to the community and major industry players in Silicon Valley. They have worked at companies like Activision, Google, YouTube, HP, Lucas Arts, Disney, and many more major Silicon Valley organizations that are looking for the best of the best, that is graduates from the University of Silicon Valley.

Reason #3: Small Class Sizes

Don’t want to get lost in a lecture hall or be just another face in the crowd? The good news is that the University of Silicon Valley offers classes with approximately 14 students, which gives the professors more time to offer you one-on-one attention and not let you fall behind. You will have the chance to ask questions, participate in discussions and network with classmates and instructors alike.

Reason #4: Accreditation

It is important to attend a college that is accredited by an association that holds their member institutions to high standards in all areas of education from student experience to financially responsible actions as well as collaborative and inclusive community of students, staff and faculty. This allows the member institution to support students with curriculum and continuous improvement that ensures students are empowered to succeed.

The University of Silicon Valley is accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education: WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). This accreditation illustrates that the University of Silicon Valley complies with the WSCUC’s rigorous standards. They have developed and implemented an annual review of financial stability as well as met high standards for retention and placement rates. The University of Silicon Valley is seen as an acceptable institution for enrollment by meeting these high standards.

Reason #5: eSports & Student Clubs

Whether you play video games for fun or for the honor of digital glory, the University of Silicon Valley fields eSports teams and student clubs that will indoctrinate you into a tight-knit community focused on competing at the highest level of collegiate eSports while achieving academic excellence. Not only do you get to compete, but you will build the skills and learn the concepts of marketing, production, coaching, student management and game design & development. We also offer scholarships to qualified players for both Overwatch and League of Legends. Join the dragons and learn more about eSports at the University of Silicon Valley with Coach Alex Holler.

Reason #6: Career Services

At the University of Silicon Valley, we stick with you throughout your career and help you as you transition from one position to the next. It all starts even before you graduate with mock interviews, resume building tactics and job fairs. As you progress to graduation, we identify jobs that match your unique talents and help you network with the right individuals. At the University of Silicon Valley, we pride ourselves in having ties to the community we created, allowing you to network with the top companies in Silicon Valley, from titans of the industry like Google and Facebook to startups and boutique creative-technology organizations that are ripe for success.

Reason #7: Financial Aid, For Those That Qualify

We understand the cost of getting the best possible education, and we make every effort to ensure that if you are accepted and want to enroll, you have the financial ability to meet your educational expenses. From federal student aid and scholarships to grants and loans, the University of Silicon Valley will help you through the process of submitting the FAFSA and query the many scholarships and grants that are offered for both academic excellence and income based financial aid opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the reasons to attend the University of Silicon Valley, take the time to find the program that matches your career ambitions. From technology, animation, audio, and video games, we have a wide variety of programs and professors that will help you break into the industry, finding your place at one of the major players in Silicon Valley. The University of Silicon Valley is in the heart of Silicon Valley. Just where you need to be to succeed.

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