Why Do Entrepreneurs Go to Silicon Valley?

Do you have an amazing idea for a business, service or product? Consider yourself an entrepreneur? It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur can take some serious commitment and a great level of comfort with uncertainty. After all, there’s no guarantee a business will launch or that an idea will work out. But most successful entrepreneurs will tell you the independence, adventure and excitement of being your own boss and striving to create an impact on the world outweighs any perceived costs. So, if you’re thinking of going into entrepreneurship, consider where you want to start your journey. What about Silicon Valley?

Why Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley, a region in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, is the world-famous epicenter for technological innovation, growth and business. Over the past few decades, the area has boomed in popularity for tech innovators and entrepreneurs. Many of the world’s leading technologies, like microchips and artificial intelligence-based applications, were developed within the area by high-producing teams.

Many of the top Fortune 500 businesses call Silicon Valley home, including Apple, Facebook and Google, to name a few. The area is extremely start-up friendly as well, given all the resources entrepreneurs have within close proximity. Many of the best business leaders and entrepreneurs began their businesses in Silicon Valley, attracting even more innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneurs sharing similar goals. The area continues to boom with the release of even more technological developments.

What are the Benefits of Starting a New Business in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is an incredible place to start a new business for several reasons. From a great environment for entrepreneurs and startups to abundant sources for venture capital, talent and networking, Silicon Valley is a great place to start a new business.

Benefit #1:  A Haven for Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley stretches from the high rises of San Francisco to the financial districts of Santa Clara and all the way to the businesses in downtown San Jose. The area is beautiful, bustling and always exciting, as well as extremely welcoming to new entrepreneurs hoping to make a name for themselves and their new business.

Benefit #2:  Available Venture Capital

Silicon Valley is great for entrepreneurs as it is in close proximity to a large group of venture capitalists. Venture capitalists, or private equity investors that provide capital to companies and new businesses, can give you the vital funding you need to get your new business off the ground. These venture capital firms pool investments to assist startups and early-stage firms to fund growth. The funds can offset start-up costs and help you build visibility, hire employees and create a space for your employees to thrive.

However, venture capital is not handed out liberally. You must create a pitch deck, get introduced to venture capital firms and pitch like your life depended on it. Look for a venture capital firm that invests in the type of company you are starting or the stage that your company is in, whether early seed, Series A, B and beyond.

There are also incubators and growth accelerators. These larger companies help starts-ups with everything they need from funds and office space to expert advice and networking opportunities with venture capital firms. Incubators and growth accelerators are a great stepping-stone for a growing start-up.

Benefit #3:  Lots of Talented Candidates

With the increased number of tech organizations calling Silicon Valley home, many people are flocking to Silicon Valley to find a secure place to call home and to find a job that is highly rewarding. The talent pool in Silicon Valley is abundant. If you’re looking for tech engineers, marketers or executive members, you’ll find viable, hard-working candidates ready to get to work in Silicon Valley.

Benefit #4:  Networking with Like-Minded Individuals

Once you’re ready to get to work and build you brand, Silicon Valley offers some of the best networking opportunities on the planet. While attending conferences, meetings or even just walking down the street, you never know who you may meet or impress. Networking is crucial to receiving buy-in for your ideas and even finding partners and allies that will advocate for you on your way to the top.

In addition, living and working in Silicon Valley is a huge learning opportunity within itself. By attending conferences and listening to speakers, you’ll get an idea of what worked for others and what didn’t. You’ll be able to get a first-hand glance at what it takes to start and run a sustainable business, all while taking suggestions for how your own products and services can be improved.

Silicon Valley is the perfect place to meet the best power players in the industry, come up with new ideas and bounce them off knowledgeable business connections, network your skills to entrepreneurial perfection, watch the latest trends in technology come to life and even secure crucial funding to truly boost your business to the next level. The very nature of being in Silicon Valley adds credibility to any business, as the fast-paced, often times competitive spirit of the areas isn’t for everyone. Because of this, the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the area continues to push business leaders to think outside the box, strive to be better, as well as draw new leaders in.

Where Should I Earn a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation?

If you’re looking to take your management skills to the next level and become the leading, high-achieving entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be, you should consider enrolling in a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Hands-on, informative and inspiring, this degree program and its subsequent training, will give you the foundational business theories and ideas that the best leaders and entrepreneurs apply every day. While learning about strategic thinking, marketing operations and creative brainstorming, you will also get the chance to experiment in real-time. You will be encouraged to put your new ideas into practice by creating and working on projects that directly impact your ideas, interests and future goals.

Enjoy High-Level Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree program is made to be flexible and beneficial with great resources and curriculum. The program is filled with everything you’d ever want to know about entrepreneurship, including high-level curriculum, professional opportunities and a chance to actually create and design your own ideas, a feature not common in all Master’s in Entrepreneurship programs.

Become a Leader

This program is primarily designed for graduate students looking to become leaders by establishing their own business ventures (including startups), managing entrepreneurial teams, transitioning to new career paths, or boosting their skills at a current position. Many people may shy away from pursuing higher education because they are worried about an interruption in their professional careers or personal lives. Luckily, the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree is designed to be flexible around your goals, ideas and schedule. In fact, completing the degree is a great complement to your daily work life and overall career goals.

Online or On-Campus Classes

You can decide to take cohort courses either online or in-person. Class meetings are conducted after work hours or on weekends, giving you the freedom to meet your other work or personal goals. The Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree program is 30 credits and even includes a work placement practicum. In the practicum, you get to apply your new skills to your own entrepreneurial and innovation ideas, with direct feedback from professors at the top of their fields. While students without a business background are welcome to enroll in the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree program, a special pre-session in the 4 weeks prior to the program’s start is required.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and getting your Masters of Arts in Entrepreneur and Innovation degree, it is time to learn more about the University of Silicon Valley. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, you will be at the center of the action, meeting new people and networking with other like-minded individuals. Take the time to complete this program and prepare yourself for a new adventure in Silicon Valley.

Want to Learn More?

Ready to get a Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree at University of Silicon Valley? Home to a who’s who of high-tech powerhouses—including Apple, Cisco, Facebook and Google—Silicon Valley boasts extraordinary achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship. The culture has fueled the growth of over 135,000 start-ups and has also informed the development of our one-year Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree.

The 12-month Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree program is designed for graduate students seeking to establish their own business ventures, manage entrepreneurial enterprises, transition to new careers, or thrive through innovation within their current place of work. It provides an excellent way to earn your Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree with minimal impact to your professional or personal life.

University of Silicon Valley is uniquely poised to offer a meaningful and valuable education for 21st century students. We believe in an education that directly correlates with the work you’ll be doing after you graduate. Interested in learning more? Contact Us today.

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